The California Jazz Foundation

The California Jazz Foundation is a charitable, nonprofit organization created to aid and assist California jazz musicians in financial or medical crisis. Established in 2006, the Foundation was formed to fulfill an unmet critical need to help these talented artists who have given us so much pleasure over the years – often with so little reward. The California Jazz Foundation is commited to providing access to quality social and economic services for all eligible applicants. We do so through a team of caring, knowledgeable professionals in collaboration with community partners.

The , an indigenous art & music conversation, endeavors to create new avenues for our global children to discover the connectivity beween different cultures through art and music. By bringing together indigenous cultures, we create an initial dialogue spoken through the brush and eye, complimented musically through the ear of youth from different lands. The subsequent conversation will forge a lasting imprint on future generations of children in foreign locations and the United States. The  creates a new vehicle for indigenous art of children to be exhibited.